A short and fat young boy, with a white skin and a round face with big cheeks. He has a long dark straight hair with a fringe. His eyebrows are arched, his eyes are large and dark, his nose is round, his mouth is small and his chin is doubled .

He is so calm, friendly and reliable, and has always an optimistic view.


Other characters

A tall thin man in his early twenties with a dark skin color. He has an almond shaped face, a short black hair, thin eyebrows, wide black eyes, a small nose and a thin chin.

He is a kind and helpful one, brave, brilliant and so energetic.

The main character

A tall slim middle aged man with a pale skin. His face is oval, with short dark hair, arched eyebrows, narrow eyes, round nose and a thin chin. He is known by his courage and intelligence, he is severe, mysterious and adventurous.